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It is said that the perfect duo does not exist, but at EBS we believe that when know-how and a technological tool are combined, the results can only be positive.


The combination of tourism and technology has reinvented the industry. It is clear that social networks and the internet have a huge influence on how we travel, where we go and even what we do when we get there.

Adventure or leisure seems to be exponential when we have better tools for communication, location, payment, among others. So that you and your organization are not left behind, we invite you to discover our solutions.

Our solutions for this sector




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Thedigital affiliationfor associates will allow your entity to eliminate all types of access and movement obstacles. Register or affiliate your relatives quickly and easily.

Trabajando desde casa

With the aim of improving the service channels of your entity, we have designedATHENA, an intelligent chat-bot capable of answering various questions. 

CoMarketis the technological solution that supports the digital transition process of small and medium businesses.

Payer au magasin

HERMES:Consulting specialized in mobile and web development strategies. APP, Web Pages...

Écrans App
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BoletaCoop manage and manage all your ticketing processes in an agile and timely manner, control your inventories and online distribution, allow your associates to self-manage their purchase. Ask us how.

Spectacle en direct

The platformEventPlaceoptimizes information management for virtual meetings, assemblies, fairs, congresses and conventions.

Yoga à la plage

holiday resort

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OurAPP ROUTESCOL® allows entities and their members to be aware of any eventuality and have traceability of their own or contracted transport services.

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Together we will take your organization to the next level!

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