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irisis the platformallows you to keep your customers informedat all times, through SMS messaging, push notifications to the cell phone or emails.

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COMMARKET is a virtual marketplace with which companies canpromote your products and sell them on the WEBin an original and personalized way.


Given the difficulty of holding face-to-face meetings, we have designed a virtual space, calledDIGITAL ASSEMBLY in which the members of the entities cancommunicate and carry out the decision-making process digitally.

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With the purpose of strengthening the democratic processes of the entities, we have developed the DIGITAL ELECTIONS  EDI,  a complete platform capable ofcontrol the entire electoral process securelyand to operate at all times.

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WLOIt is an intelligent solution that allows you to control the entire process ofcredit originationcompletely digital in a 100% secure way.

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All the services of your entity at your fingertips, through any mobile device, thanks to our solutionINTEGRA, you will have access quickly, easily and safely, 


The saving platform ADI DIGITAL SAVINGSallows collection entities to carry out theopening of savings productsVista, Contractual, or titles of deposit (CDAT).


Immaterialized promissory notePINCis the solution through which organizations canperform the electronic signature of a "promissory note",covering all legal needs.


With the aim of improving the service channels of your entity, we have designed ATHENA, an intelligent ChatBotable to respond in natural language a  service needs. 


I will generateSocial Balance and solidarity benefits,without the need to perform accounting system integrations thanks toBALANCOOP


Traceability of transport services,via mobile appROUTESCOLyou maintain complete control over the service, as well as offering alternative communication channels, alerts and personalized monitoring of each individual. 

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Manage and administer in an agile and timely manner all yourticketing processes. With our APPCOOP TICKETcontrol your inventories and online distribution.

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Event Placeis the mobile application thatmanage your event, schedule attendance at conferences, share photos or documents, send notifications instantly and offer exclusive content for your VIP guests.


The Vacation Center management system   makes it easy for the customer to useall the services of the stay; it also allows the administrator to exercise control over the users and invoice o  the services provided

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TRAVAIL is an application that facilitates thehourly job creationin operational positions within the gastronomic and hospitality industry.

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